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Bowls North (which Longford is part of) have two pennant competitions, one on a Saturday and one on a Thursday which we participate in. Pennant is the structured competition between other clubs within the Bowls North region.  Pennant is held from mid-October to finals in April, if you would like to participate in the pennant competitions, please advise which day is your preference and the club will do their best to accommodate you. 

Bowls North have Premier to Division 6 on a Saturday and Division 1 to 4 on a Thursday; we have a number of teams on each day so anything from new bowlers to experienced are covered and encouraged to participate.

Currently our club has Premier, Divisions 1, 2, 4 and 6 on a Saturday and Divisions 1 and 3 on Thursday.

Pennant is a team sport and we ask that all our players make a commitment to our club and their team to participate as often as they can, we do realise that there are times that a member may not be available and we respect this.

We have a Chairman of Selectors as well as a sub-committee of selectors who place the players into teams and rinks.  The selection process aims for success in results and camaraderie.  Teams are selected on ability, dedication and what works best for the team.

Selectors will select the teams from the highest ranked team to the lowest with players who have indicated their preference for that day.  If there are more players than spaces available, the players will be rotated to ensure that everyone gets a go to play.

Players who represent Longford Bowls Club should:

  • Always perform at their best.

  • A desire to improve their bowling form.

  • A will to foster rink, team and club spirit.

  • Adhere to the principles of fair play and competition etiquette.

  • Encourage others to do their best and be part of the team.

Bowlslink Results Portal

2022/23 Premiership Winners

Premier Bowls North Winners


Alan, Craig, Mark, Chris, Brodie, Jarrod

Josh, Mikayla, Daniel, Joey, Ollie, Matty

Premier State Winners


Mikayla, Chris, Alan, Craig, Daniel, Brodie, Mark

Ollie, Joey, Matty, Jarrod, Josh

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